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Delta SBD is pleased to announce that through an exclusive alliance with leading international materials company Saint-Gobain ADFORS, it will be providing a high quality, proven longwall recovery mesh system to the Australian market. This product, which will be known in Australia as DeltaGRID, has been extensively proven in the American market by leading US industrial engineering company Tensar. Tensar has provided the product as the American agent for the Saint-Gobain ADFORS for more than 20 years. Tensar boasts a majority market share in the highly competitive American longwall market.

Delta SBD is the market leader in longwall moves, participating in more than a third of all longwall projects in Australia and recently having completed its 100th longwall move project, a major milestone for the company. Using its extensive expertise in longwall management, Delta SBD will provide clients with a fully customised DeltaGRID recovery mesh solution including product design and support, delivery and installation. DeltaGRID is a knitted polyester mesh used in underground coal mines as roof protection to provide a safe working environment to allow for the recovery of longwall equipment.

The product is manufactured in India by Saint-Gobain ADFORS to the highest of standards. The product is then tested in accordance with ASTM D6637. The ASTM D6637 testing methodology covers the determination of the tensile strength properties of geogrids by subjecting strips of varying width to tensile loading.
The material complies with the requirements of MDG3608, 6.3.1 for Fire Resistance and MDG3608, 6.3.2 for Electrical Resistance and therefore will be supplied certified as Fire- Resistant Anti-Static (F.R.A.S.).

The following table details the product variations available which would cover the needs of every longwall operator in Australia.

Tensile strength
  (kN/m) (Warp*Weft)  
  Aperture size  
   Roll length
  Roll width  
  Test method  
  100 * 80       30 x 30          104         5     ASTM D6637
  200 * 200       30 x 30         104         5     ASTM D6637
  400 * 400       30 x 30         52         5     ASTM D6637
  600 * 400       30 x 30         52         5     ASTM D6637

Why consider DeltaGRID and Delta SBD as your provider of longwall recovery mesh?

Delta SBD has unrivalled Australian experience in longwall recovery and relocation services. The company has extensive knowledge and experience around longwall operations and DeltaGRID increases Delta SBD’s capability to provide expert services for our clients. Solutions can be tailored to suit our customers from the provision of mesh alone to the provision of mesh with all skids/trailers, rollers, brackets, winches, capstans, ropes and other ancillary equipment either on a hire or buy basis. DeltaGRID can be marked up to assist the mine in bolt installation through the mesh as required by the client. The company can provide installation services for the mesh system and/or technical support utilising its existing expertise. Delta SBD has supervisors and operators with extensive experience in the installation of longwall recovery mesh and thus can provide an unrivalled service around this product.

Delta SBD can provide significant cost savings for our clients through our product and/or through an efficient holistic service.

About Saint-Gobain ADFORS

SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, the worldwide number one in production and distribution of construction materials. ADFORS offers reinforcement products
                                 and solutions, mainly based on glass fibre, for a range of construction and industrial 

More information on the Saint-Gobain Group and Saint-Gobain ADFORS can be found at http://www.saint-gobain.com/en and http://www.sg-adfors.com/ respectively.

About Tensar

Tensar has provided the Saint-Gobain ADFORS longwall recovery geogrid system to the highly competitive American market for more than 20 years. The company currently supplies the Saint-Gobain Adfors mesh system to the majority of American longwall coal mines.

The following images show the product in use in America being provided to longwall operators by Tensar.

For more information on DeltaSBD or for a quote contact Delta SBD as follows:

  • Head Office, Campbelltown - 02 4629 0300
  • Tim Jackson, General Manager - Mining Products - 0459 076 586