Delta SBD's fit for purpose longwall move equipment fleet comprises:

  • 1 x Bucyrus FBL55 – extra heavy lift vehicle
  • 1 x 130t Shearer Carrier
  • 1 x SSH60 - extra heavy lift vehicle
  • 2 x Bucyrus MH40 – heavy lift vehicles
  • 6 x Bucyrus FBL15 – multi function vehicles
  • 12 x Bucyrus FBL10 – general purpose LHD vehicles
  • 10 x SMV personnel transporters
  • 11 x Bucyrus 50t Chock Trailers – RHS/5th wheel configuration
Our fleet ensures longwall moves are completed efficiently and safely.


Our larger capacity machines enable newer generation longwall components to be transported within the limits of the machine.

The graph below clearly illustrates the benefits of Delta SBD's FBL15s compared to other commonly used machinery.

Machine Load Chart - AFC Pan Sets

Delta SBD's Chock Trailers have a Rapid Attach System (RAS) and 5th wheel attachment, which enable our FBL15s (or FBL10s) to be quickly reconfigured underground (in around 20 minutes) for other work. This also means that a spare prime mover with trailer is no longer needed, further reducing costs.

Delta SBD's FBL60 is the largest capacity heavy lift wheeled vehicle currently available. It enables Tail Gate and Main Gate drives to be more easily placed into their final position. Most Crushers can now be transported without the requirement of a second machine. The FBL55 can also transport chocks ‘front on' to a capacity of 39t (FBL60). The combination of a FBL55 and MH40 also ensures that large loads can be transported well within the machines' operating parameters.


In order to enhance performance, improve reliability and reduce the maintenance costs of our fleet, Delta SBD has undertaken a significant exhaust system upgrade, in conjunction with the OEM (Bucyrus). The original dry exhaust system has been replaced with a wet scrubber unit on the majority of our longwall move equipment. The wet scrubber system includes a purifier and catalytic converter (as per dry exhaust systems) to reduce gas emissions. A replaceable particulate filter is also included. The wet scrubber system can also operate without a particulate filter and meet MGD21 requirements.

Our FBL10s can be provided with either wet or dry exhaust systems and either RAS or QDS attachment systems.


Our Bucyrus diesel machines have a cooling system of horizontal radiators, which minimises the impact of ventilation direction flow, directs airflow away from the operator and prevents damage to fan blades/radiators if the vehicle is driven though water.


Delta SBD recently purchased Bucyrus's diesel hire fleet, consisting of 8 x FBL10s and 5 x 50t Chock Trailers. We will honour all existing hire contracts/arrangements and will continue to support all existing Bucyrus clients.


To enhance chock transport in adverse operating conditions, both 1.75m (50t) and 2m (55t) Chock Trailers with hydraulic power assist wheels will be available by mid 2011. The power assist will significantly increase the traction capability of the combined unit. The winch on these machines will also be upgraded from 20t to 30t capacity.


A 250kw diesel powered shearer transporter, rated at 120t capacity will be added to our fleet in mid 2011. This unit will have significantly greater capacity and ability than any other unit available in Australia and will provide enhanced performance and reliability.


Delta SBD's fleet will provide the following benefits:

  • Tasks will be completed more efficiently, with the lowest possible safety risk to personnel.
  • Machines will operate below their maximum capacity and hence will be more reliable.
  • Project duration times will decrease.

Combined with our experienced team, Delta SBD's diesel fleet will ensure that the risks to longwall projects are significantly reduced and that these projects are completed to the full satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our team:

Rob Skinner - Fleet Manager
0417 630 999