About DeltaSBD

DeltaSBD is one of the largest contract companies servicing the Australian underground coal mining industry. We provide a diverse range of services, equipment and skills to our clients, who include most of the major coal mining companies.

The company was formed in October 2007, through the merger of Delta Mining Pty Ltd and SBD Services Limited.

DeltaSBD provides customers with a large pool of resources (both labour and equipment); cross fertilisation of ideas, systems and techniques; and has the ability to attract and retain experienced and qualified management and personnel. We are responsive to our customers' needs and assist them in achieving their safety and production targets by providing mining services based on industry best practice.

At DeltaSBD, we deliver safe, quality and cost effective services in a timely manner by demonstrating:

  • An overriding commitment to safety and compliance;
  • An ability to hire and retain experienced and skilled personnel;
  • Value adding for clients and tailored pricing;
  • Outstanding service and technical support;
  • Extensive industry experience;
  • An ability to minimise disruptions at clients' sites;
  • A solid industrial relations track record; and
  • Transparent client communications through quality administrations systems